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I’m Shakti Hannie, passionate about writing and travelling, and being part of our wonderful multicultural world.
I published my debut novel Colours of a Cultural Chameleon in November 2020 on Amazon, and I would love to share my journey as a writer with you.
The essence of my book is growing up and seeing the world through personal interactions and intercultural mingling.
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About Me

Some may call me a third culture kid (TCK) or a cross-cultural kid (CCK), having lived in India & the Netherlands as a child. I consider myself a Cultural Chameleon. A cultural chameleon who’s always in search of new colours, in every sense of the word.

Colours of a Cultural Chameleon is not an autobiography, though many may think it is, but it is based on my understanding of what it means to be a TCK. The adventures and experiences that I enjoyed on my journey through life form the basis of this book… sprinkled with a dose of fiction.
That is what I love about being a writer: the freedom of wandering down memory lane, imagining & creating new adventures from small events I witnessed or experienced. I believe that you can turn any incident into a story, just add a dash of fiction and magic happens, a story is created.

I wish you a wonderful journey with the main character in Colours of a Cultural Chameleon – Kamala – as you travel with her through various countries and through the various stages of her life. Meeting a variety of people, each adding spices to her life.

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