Word limit leads to polishing

I had a quite interesting writer’s Eureka moment today, while writing a vss (very short stories) on twitter. Sometimes while writing a short story on twitter I use Colours of a Cultural Chameleon as an inspiration source. That’s what I did today, even though the prompt word ‘pale’ is nonexistent in my book. I lookedContinue reading “Word limit leads to polishing”

Communities around the world

Our trip to the UK this year, was a mix of a walk down memory lane, time spent in nature & in cities & meeting up with people whom I consider part of my own little communities around the world. Many, many, many years ago, the move to Newcastle was my first move overseas asContinue reading “Communities around the world”

Book giveaways to strangers

Book giveaways?Yes, I believe in book giveaways. Recently I joined in on an online (twitter) book giveaway by an author who had reached a certain number of followers. I liked the author and joined in. The person who read my book, shared with me her thoughts on the book.I do partake in giveaways but notContinue reading “Book giveaways to strangers”

Selling books In Real Life

I have a love-hate relationship with social media & with self-promo, but as a self-published author, living in a non-English speaking country….that’s a very unfortunate combination. I love meeting people IRL (in real life). Today I travelled by train, and unfortunately had lots of delays, but nevertheless I had a lovely experience. Why? I chattedContinue reading “Selling books In Real Life”