Being an author & a TCK’s journey

A TCKs story

Some may call me a third culture kid (TCK), having lived in India & the Netherlands as a child. I consider myself a cultural chameleon. A cultural chameleon who’s always in search of new colours, in every sense of the word. In November 2020 I published my debut novel Colours of a Cultural Chameleon (on Amazon).
When I share with people that I’ve published a novel, they often respond by telling me their own dreams. Many want to write and to publish, but don’t know how to go about the process or haven’t mustered up the courage yet. That’s why in this blog, I would love to take you along on my journey of becoming and being a writer – a published author.
Previously I was an environmental engineer, now I am a writer. In 2021 I started afresh and embraced my passions; one of which is writing. In this blog I will also share with you my experiences as a cultural chameleon.
Feel free to share your stories with me!

A cultural chameleon celebrating the festival of colour


Creating a village

They say “it takes a village to raise a child….. “What does that mean? People interpret this in various ways, here’s my own understanding… 1) Raising children is tough, don’t try go it all alone! – Ask for help…offer help! In olden days big joint families or clans were the norm. In our modern world,Continue reading “Creating a village”

(Finding) TIME

Time. Time is such a precious commodity. Use it wisely. Some people interpret this by trying to be as (highly) efficient & effective as possible or highly productive. But do we truly always have to be busy, to be able to use time wisely? What does time mean to you? My interpretation of ‘using timeContinue reading “(Finding) TIME”


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