Have you read Colours of a Cultural Chameleon?
Did you find the use of words from different languages annoying or did they add flavour?
What resonated most with you, did you laugh out loud?

Read a few reviews below, I’ve compiled these from Amazon & Goodreads

review on Goodreads

7 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Once I started reading, I got so curious I could not stop. This novel is a celebration of diversity and trust through the positive perspective of Kamala. It is a cultural journey that puts a smile on your face.

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  2. What a joy to read this book. During the reading I really could be in the places you describe. This book gives me the inspiring I need to go on writing my own book .Thank you very much for this book and I can not wait to see the coming of your next book .
    Carla Deijk

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    1. Wow Carla, that’s surely the best compliment one can get as a writer: inspiring others to write too. Great, good luck with your novel. Do stay in touch. And rest assured work is in progress for my next book. A sequel (follow up) of Colours of a Cultural Chameleon. We’ll follow Kamala’s life as an adult


  3. Even though I am not really the travelling type, the adventures in this book make me want to discover new places! But above all I enjoyed the positivity, courage to be vulnerable and the mindfull attitude of Kamala. It reminds me that live is precious and to live it to the fullest!

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    1. Lovely to read that reading this book made you want to discover new places! Wonderful, thank you Sarah. Wishing you joy & always live life to the fullest 🙂


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