Have you read Colours of a Cultural Chameleon?
Did you find the use of words from different languages annoying or did they add flavour?
What resonated most with you, did you laugh out loud?

The first set of books was dispatched in December; for some a Sinterklaas gift for others a x-mas gift. Read some of the first reviews below.

5 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Once I started reading, I got so curious I could not stop. This novel is a celebration of diversity and trust through the positive perspective of Kamala. It is a cultural journey that puts a smile on your face.

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  2. What a joy to read this book. During the reading I really could be in the places you describe. This book gives me the inspiring I need to go on writing my own book .Thank you very much for this book and I can not wait to see the coming of your next book .
    Carla Deijk

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    1. Wow Carla, that’s surely the best compliment one can get as a writer: inspiring others to write too. Great, good luck with your novel. Do stay in touch. And rest assured work is in progress for my next book. A sequel (follow up) of Colours of a Cultural Chameleon. We’ll follow Kamala’s life as an adult


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