Book launch!

Colours of a Cultural Chameleon
28th November 2020

An impression in snapshots, quotes and snippets of film

The audience

Excellent audience from around our world. Fine music adds to Shakti’s wonderful event..

Don, USA

The launch!

Colours of a Cultural Chameleon!

“Thank you so much! One of the first Zoom meetings I’ve thoroughly enjoyed! The music and break out rooms made it even better. Well done! I’ve just ordered the book. Love the name of the main character”

Rose, Netherlands

Click HERE to watch a compilation of the online event

Tailor-made musical performance by Poeder&Plusj

The experience

“Heartiest Congratulations. The curtain raiser was lovely and very innovative. Looking forward to hearing about the book!”

Nisha, India


Ah yes “is there a car under there” game during winter in Boston.

Cecilia, USA (Mass)

Ah that musty aroma of laundry at the Haarweg corridors…nostalgia galore 🙂 Vividly written…congrats Shakti!!

Packo, Netherlands

Haarweg, I recognise this 😄🥰


Best book launch! Congratulations again Shakti!

Cecilia, USA (MASS.)

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