Shakti Hannie is a Cultural Chameleon – always in search of new colours, in every sense of the word.


As an author she has recently published her debut novel

Colours of a Cultural Chameleon


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Creating and finding one’s own community. Does this resonate with you?

Read snippets of the novel and make sure to get your own copy of

Colours of a Cultural Chameleon

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About the novel & the author

The essence of this novel is growing up and seeing the world through personal interactions and intercultural mingling.

I, Shakti, wish you a wonderful journey with Kamala through various countries and through the various stages of her life. Meeting a variety of people, each adding spices to her life.

This book is not an autobiography, but it is based on my understanding of what it means to be a third culture kid (TCK). What I love about being a writer, is the freedom of creating. The adventures and experiences that I enjoyed on my journey through life form the basis of this book… sprinkled with a dose of fiction.

“I really enjoyed this book. Lovely snapshots of life – different places, different ages, different years. Makes you ponder identity & relationships & our sense of belonging & what that actually all means. And the central chracter’s mantra of ‘trust a stranger & new doors open’ is something we can all learn from. In other words, don’t make assumptions & close yourself off. you don’t know what wonderful things you could be missing.”

Karen, 11 January 2021
Reviewed on Amazon, in the United Kingdom.

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