Why do I write (fiction)?

My first public ‘author talk’ was on 18th March 2021 with Vince Stevensen from Boomer on Books. It was an hour long livestream chat, which you can watch here it does talk about why I write, but it tells a lot more. It was a chat about me, my book and about Vince too. I enjoyed this debut as I love talking with people.

Then MIT Spouses & Partners Connect, invited me for my first author talk with an online interactive audience. It was a lovely experience, and it took place where my writing journey began a few years ago- in Boston. I was curious to know what people wanted to know. Chats become interesting when genuine questions are asked.
Of course one of the most common question I get is: Is Colours of a Cultural Chameleon fiction or a memoir?


Do you want to know? Then check out my vimeo video’s below (click on the pink buttons). It is a question I often get asked and I don’t know whether I can truly answer it, cause it is neither and it is both. It is both fact and fiction. It is based on my experiences and adventures I’ve had, but as I tell Jennifer during the interview: I no longer am able to decipher fact and fiction in this book. The book has come alive. While writing the book, I was living the book. I was rewriting the past and creating new adventures. For me some of the stories in the book have turned from fiction into fact 😉

The question I loved to answer during the chat with Jennifer is: whether (and how) writing fiction allowed me to describe certain elements better than if I’d written a memoir. Totally spot on. Writing fiction allows for creativity, it allows me to emphasize certain traits or experiences and neglect others. It also allows me to incorporate others’ stories into my narrative. I am not yet sure whether (on day) I will be able to write a memoir as I get carried away by my imagination and think of what could be and not of what was 🙂 .

Link to video Fact or Fiction and How does writing fiction help?

Would you like to know what I am writing now?

Currently I’m doing research both for my fictional book as well as for my long-term memoir.

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