Book giveaways to strangers

Book giveaways?
Yes, I believe in book giveaways. Recently I joined in on an online (twitter) book giveaway by an author who had reached a certain number of followers. I liked the author and joined in. The person who read my book, shared with me her thoughts on the book.
I do partake in giveaways but not too often. However I don’t believe in offering my book for free on Amazon. Why?
Well, I want people to read my book. I don’t necessarily need to spread as many copies as possible (if the chances are big that they won’t be read). I’d like my book to end up in hands of people who are genuinely interested in reading it.

What I love most though is the giveaways where I don’t know who is going to read my book……a stranger might picks it up & pass it on if they’ve enjoyed it. The book – about travels & community- will itself travel the world and end up in different communities….I hope.

If you’ve read Colours of Cultural Chameleon then you know Kamala’s mantra is ‘trust a stranger and new doors open’. That’s my mantra too. I love meeting strangers and would love to hear back from people who’ve picked up the free copy of Colours of Cultural Chameleon and read it…..and from some I have. See a message I received on my author page last month.

message left on

❤️Reading this message from Dunya got me teary-eyed🙏

Such lovely words from a reader. It truly was serendipity that Dunya (meaning world) sat next to me on that plane. A young cross-cultural woman, on her way to explore the world

I gave her my book. Grateful that she took time to leave a response & am thrilled to read it🎉

Shakti Hannie

I always carry a copy of my book with me, wherever I go. You never know when the opportunity for a book dropping, book giveaway or a sale arises. Am eager to spread positive vibes in person or through my debut Colours of a Cultural Chameleon.

If you’ve read it, let me (& others) know 🙂

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