What’s in a name?

Third culture kid, Cross culture kid, second generation immigrant, ‘person with migrant heritage’, mixed race, mixed heritage, half-half, the dash….

What’s in a name? Why this desire to describe others in fixed categories? Why do we need to “fit in boxes’?

I hate ticking boxes.

Recently I came upon this wonderful TEDx talk, which deeply resonated with me.
It was wonderful: I’m both not half. This is exactly how I feel.

To know more about my thoughts, watch the conversation below, which I’m grateful to have been part of. It was a wonderful online event organised by MIT Spouses&Partners for their 50th anniversary. I’ll always be grateful to this wonderful closeknit community created by MITS&P: a safe space & initial landing pad for all who visit MIT as a spouse.

Watch from 37 min onward to hear more on the topic ‘Where is home”

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