A chat: home, community; all things that matter

“Where is home?”

Watch the recording from 37 min onward (or the whole conversation, if you’re really interested 🙂 )

It was wonderful to have been part of this conversation & as you probably know I am truly grateful to MITS&P (MIT Spouses & Partners) for creating this close-knit & safe space for all of us who visit MIT as a spouse/companion.

Community matters

We were all in the same boat
the boat of uncertainty & fear of loneliness

Undergoing it together
this new place….we were to call home

Sharing the honeymoon phase
braving the stage of ‘disintegration’


homes away from home

19 Dec 2022 Vss365 https://twitter.com/HannieShakti/status/1604793329245458435

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