A shared history

Over the last few weeks I’ve had such wonderful get togethers with people I hadn’t met in a long long time. My heart is still overflowing with appreciation & a sense of belonging & realizing how important communities are for me.

In Feb I visited India & told one of my high school friends whom I’m still in touch with, that I’d love to meet up with more of our classmates. I know she meets up with many, they are her friends….she still lives in Delhi, I moved away. These were people I hadn’t met in 25years, but it was wonderful. It’s difficult to explain what I felt, it just felt ‘the same’. A shared history, at ease, at home; a sense of belonging. It was also wonderful that they remembered my leap year birthday & brought a cake to the park to celebrate.

Then a few weeks later another reunion. This time with folks from Uni, some I hadn’t seen in ages. Thanks to the ‘reunion get-together’ organised by CODON (‘study association Biotech students), I visited my alma mater Wageningen again.
I have great memories of my time in Wageningen & CODON was an important part of my life at that stage; it was ‘a home away from home’. Many of my friends (25 years down the line) are from Wageningen. The turnout was low, but it was amazing to reconnect with people from the past and experience a common denominator; a shared history. It was also hilarious to look through old pictures and find my own handwriting in the ‘photo’s archive’.

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